Interactive Installations


Working in the arts and with museums and commercial clients we create dramatic interactive installations and projections. We can work on all aspects of an installation or performance from software builds to practical construction installation and live integration. Contact us to talk about your art or commercial projects.

Digital Art and Exhibition

We work with digital technologies and projection methods to create emotional experiences. Our prime artistic concerns lie in the relationship between the digital and the tangible world with a focus on the way humans negotiate and interrogate these two domains.

As artists and practitioners with our own building projection equipment we can collaborate on a number of levels with artists and producers and we are always looking for opportunities to join interesting projects. We are uniquely situated to advise on how to use video, software development and projection technology. We have the technical sophistication to help your project but also the artistic sensibility to know that artistic goals are paramount in any technical consultancy.

Because we are organised as a production studio we can research and develop ideas, test concepts and organise and execute installations and tours.

Interactive Video Installations

The Media Workshop also uses video production and software development expertise to create innovative and interactive ways to tell stories that engage and surprise audiences.

Audiences have come to expect engaging digital and video displays in the arts and culture industry. As digital artists we understand how digital technologies, combined with innovative projection and screening can help audiences see things in a new light. Whether that’s bringing concepts or historical events to life or more playful discoveries that exploit the interaction between human performance or inquiry and digital performance and presentation.

Museum and event interactive

Interactive displays in the museum and heritage industry are evolving at an exciting pace. We produce bespoke touchscreen, projection and physical interactive exhibits for museums and events around the world. The Media Workshop works with you to tell your story in a variety of ways that can include content creation as well as technical and software development.

Working independently or collaborating with other design agencies, we use the latest technology to bring engaging and responsive interaction and immersive augmented reality to the visitor experience. From temporary events to long term installations, we produce reliable, exciting digital experiences.