Video Production


The Media Workshop is a digital arts collective producing video content, interactive digital installations and art. We craft video for theatre and museums, large-scale digital projections and produce video for social media and for broadcast. As a bunch of artists and storytellers, we know how to help you get the best from your video content. Whether it’s a social media campaign or a museum exhibit, if you need video, projection or animation in your project give us a call.

The Media Workshop has years of experience working with UK and global broadcasters and film producers and we are live event video producers too. We can do this wide range of work because we know that creating great video is about understanding the visual language that connects with your audience. The best way for us to work with you is to start early and plan the form and content of your video carefully to make sure it’s bang on what you need. But whatever stage you’re at, if you’re a business that needs video we can help.

Video Production

Using a professional video production company helps your message come alive for your audience and achieve a quality that puts your brand above the competition. We can produce any combination of animation, CGI and video and can help you decide the best approaches for your budget, audience and purpose.

Video Activation

A common flaw in video content marketing is to plan and produce some great video content but not consider how to activate that content. Choosing the right platform, posting at the right time for the right audience can make all the difference in how you can get video that performs.

The Media Workshop has many years of production experience and a team of creatives who can see a production through from its inception through to its final destination. We produce all types of video. Including broadcast video, explainer video, corporate video and video for internal communications. Our video production services are managed by a team of experienced producers with backgrounds in journalism, marketing, digital arts, animation and software development. We understand how to tell a story and we absolutely love having new stories to tell.

We are experienced production managers and problem solvers and are used to working in complex and challenging environments. We can handle any of the practical challenges of shooting on set or location. And can advise you on the health and safety requirements and power demands of lights, smoke machines or any other electrical or mechanical feature your production needs.

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